Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa

Fulfilling the dream of Visitor Visa to abroad. A Visitor Visa should be alert to all these things for the smooth execution of the entire process.

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The first step towards acquiring a tourist visa is to know the reason for your travel. You do not have to be someone visiting the country as a pleasure tourist alone to apply under the tourist visa category. Visitor visas are also granted to those looking to study in the country, planning to attend conventions or looking to undergo medical treatment in the country.

Once you know the reason for your travel, complete the visa application online. Filling up the form takes around an hour and requires you to mention your current plans for travel and your current residence. Depending on the country of travel, you will also be asked to attach several other documents along with your application. Apart from this, you may also need to prepare for a security clearance.

The last and final round is the interview. You must schedule an interview appointment for your visa, generally, at the foreign nation’s consulate in the country you live. The wait time for appointments may vary by season, location, and visa category, so you must apply for your tourist visa as early as possible.

• A valid Passport – your passport should be valid for a minimum of six months beyond your duration of stay in the foreign nation.
• Print out of the confirmation page of your nonimmigrant visa application and payment receipt.

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