The United States is a country that combines diverse geography and culture while having a reputation for academic excellence, making study in USA for Indian students a prominent factor. The USA is a leading destination for students pursuing a Master’s degree. It’s a melting pot of ethnicities, nationalities, races, classes, and opinions, and with a large number of foreign students enrolled in Master’s degree programs all over the country. Study in USA from India after graduation helps students enhance their career.

The United States is the home for the most prestigious universities and global leaders in Technology and Innovation

It provides a broad study options, access to best in class research facilities and scholarship opportunities to students.


No matter what program of study interests you, you’re sure to find something that meets your needs. The USA is particularly well-known for a large number of non-traditional options for pursuing a Master’s degree, such as part-time studies, online programs, and distance learning options. According to the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS), around 15% of all graduate-level students in the US are international.

The most popular subject to study in USA for international graduate students is Engineering, Business, followed by programs relating to Physical and Earth Sciences.

Higher education in USA for Indian students usually ranges around these prominent fields:

Biological and Life Sciences : This field studies the interaction between humans and the earth. Students explore the structure, function, behaviour, and evolution of cells, organisms, populations, and ecosystems.

Business Studies : It is the study of Economics and Management, through which the student is equipped with the essentials to be a business professional.

Economics and Administration : The students learn to analyse and solve problems of products and international markets in multinational and international companies.

Energy : An Energy degree focuses on energy efficiency issues by studying ways to reduce the load on energy and improve the ecosystem.

Engineering and Technology : Study in USA for Indian students is most prominent in the said field of study. It prepares the student for the technologically oriented prospects of the world. The USA leads the world on the list of “Most Technological Innovations”.

Fashion : Fashion Studies, include Designing, Marketing and Production of clothing. The USA is the center for trends and style, with Hollywood and its celebrities setting the style statement.

Humanities and Social Sciences : It is the field of study that broadly includes the anthropology of humankind occupying the disciplines of societies.

Law and Regulations : General skills include research, interpretation and explanation of complex subjects, analytical thinking and practical problem solving.

 Management : The course builds on existing communications and consumer behaviour models in order to explore many of the issues facing a modern day manager.

 Marketing and Communication : Communication is a set of activities involved in managing and orchestrating all internal and external communications aimed at creating awareness in prospective markets.

 Natural Sciences : Study in USA for Natural Sciences is an attempt to understand how the world and universe around us works.

 Professional Studies : It is a field of study used to classify academic programs which are applied or interdisciplinary in focus. The term can also be used for non-academic training for a specific profession.

 Sport : It is a field of education concerning the business aspects of sports and recreation.

 Tourism and Hospitality : Tourism and hospitality courses cover the fundamentals of each industry including Tourism Economics, Food Service, and Legal Issues.

USA is one of the strongest economies of the world. Majority of Americans derive most of their income from occupational earnings. In the United States, the highest earning occupational groups are the white collar professionals including managers, physicians, mathematicians, financial managers, software publishers, computer engineers etc.

The USA has also been on the forefront in telecoms, medicine, health care and genetics. Study in USA for Indian students encapsulates on campus jobs as well. They are allowed to work 20 hrs per week during semester (on campus). On campus jobs may include teaching assistantship or research assistantship where a student is paid on an average $8 to $10 per hour.

Thus, students can approximately earn $ 500-$ 600 per month or can get a waiver on their tuition fees. With this, a student who decides to study in USA can also undertake an internship in the related field which may be paid. During vacation, the student is allowed to work for 40 hours per week.

Study in USA from India after graduation, enables students to work for 1 year popularly known as OPT (Optional Practical Training). Students with certain degrees in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) field are allowed to work for 36 months. On completion of their OPT, students can apply for a H1 B visa (Work Permit Visa) for work.

Tuition Fees

The USA is a vast education hub. An increasing number of students study abroad in USA, resulting in the country having one of the highest number of international student population. Students can pursue graduate, undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees. The USA has a unique climate, culture, history and economy. The universities in the USA are broadly classified as Public and Private.

Public Universities

These are state-affiliated institutions that are financially supported by public taxes and are usually large in size. Study in USA through Public Universities normally offers students all levels of degrees across many different fields of study. Tuitions fees are usually less compared to private institutions. Examples: Pennsylvania State University, Ohio State University, University of California, Kansas State University, University of Texas etc.

Private Institution

A private university runs without the control of any government entity. Tuition fees at private universities tend to be much higher than at public universities. Examples: Long Island University, George Washington University, New York University, Carnegie Mellon University, etc.


                 TUITION FEES in USD     TUITION FEES IN RS.

 UG        15000-20000 / Year         10,65,000-14,20,000 / Year

 PG         15000 – 25000 / Year       10,65,000-17,75,000 /Year


                 TUITION FEES in USD     TUITION FEES IN RS.

 UG        20000-30000 / Year         14,20,000-21,30,000 /Year

 PG         20000-35000 / Year         14,20,000-24,85,000 /Year

Conversion Rate USD 1 – Rs 71/-

Living Expenses

When calculating the cost to study in USA, living expenses play a critical role. On average, a student spends approximately $15000 – 18000/year. But the expenses also depend on the place where a student stays i.e. if a student stays in metropolitan city like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc the expenses could go up to $20000 in comparison to a student studying in a suburban area where the expenses around $10000 to $12000 / year. Higher education in USA for Indian students often involves living in suburban areas, however this may add up to the students transportation cost. But colleges do provide transportation passes for the same. Living afar in an outlying place would result in more time consumption.


Most educational institutions will assist you in finding accommodation while you decide to study in USA. Accommodation are of two types i.e. a student can either stay on campus (Halls of Residence/Students hostel) or Off Campus (Home stay, Apartments/Flats). Staying Off Campus is much cheaper than staying On Campus but it is always advisable that the student should stay on campus for the first six months so that they can interact with classmates in the first year of studies and also be accustomed to the environment.

Health Insurance

Insurance Policy for international students is mandatory as students have to stay abroad for a long period of time. Insurance costs approximately between $1000-$2000/year. It is advisable that higher education in USA for Indian students must include insurance from an Indian Insurance Company, but make sure that it covers medical expenses, personal accidents, dental treatment, study interruption, passport loss etc. Insurance is basically cashless so a student does not need to pay money at the time of hospitalization.

Higher education in USA for Indian students can be very competitive. Each university/ department has its own admission requirements for the course of study selected.


US universities have 3 intakes: Fall : August/September, Spring: January/February and Summer : April/May. The major intake is the Fall intake, but most of the universities are open for Spring and few of them for Summer intake too.

English Language Requirements

All students must have the required English language proficiency in order to study in USA. TOEFL score of 80-90 for Postgraduate and 70-80 for Undergraduate studies is a decent score. IELTS score of 6.0- 6.5 for Undergraduates and 6.5-7 band for Postgraduate studies is required. Over 3000 institutions in the USA recognize the IELTS & PTE exam including several top ranked institutions.

Entry Requirements + Eligibility to study in USA for Indian students

Undergraduate: 10+2

Graduate:16 years of education required

Some institutions accepts 3 years of degree i.e. BCom, BSc, BA etc- into their Masters or MBA Program

Strong academic background

Good scores in entrance exams like SAT/ACT/GRE/GMAT & TOEFL/IELTS/PTE

Strong Recommendation Letters

Statement of Purpose/Personal Statement, Essays & Resume

Certificates of achievement & extra -curricular activity participation

Sound financial background


The Application Process

The Application Process to study in USA consists of 6 stages

Pre Application Stage : This stage comprises of collection of information through education fairs, events and consultants

Preparations for the Entrance Exams.

Identifying the desired university and starting with the university selection.

Preparing the Passport.

Test Taking and Universities Selection

This step consists of 2 sub steps :-



Test Training Consists of : Computer Adaptive Tests, Mock Sessions, Seeking Application Material for test registration, Actual Test Registration


The second step is University Selection,

It consists of : Finalizing the subject, Checking the University ranking, Overall / Subject-wise ranking, Curriculum prospectus, Faculty profile, Student demography, Research demography, Research facilities at university, Funding option / cost, Infrastructure.

Application Documentation

In this step you have to collect and complete all the set of documents, namely :- Covering Letter, Application Fees, Application Form, Statement Of Purpose, Essays, Resume, Recommendation Letters,Transcripts, Mark Sheets & Certificates, Bank Certificate, Affidavit of Financial Support, Test Score Report


Admission Confirmations :

This includes, receiving an Unconditional Admit Letter, receiving, and verifying University I-20 Form, Financial Aid/Assistantship/ Waiver letter

Student Visa (F-1) :

In order to pursue higher education in USA for Indian students, this is the stage where students are required to complete the Visa process: Submitting the I-20 Form, Verifying Passport, Resume, Paying Visa Fee, Paying SEVIS Fee, Test Score Report, Academic Documents, Affidavit, IT Returns, Supporting Documents for all Finances

Lastly, students have to make Pre-Departure arrangements that include Accommodation, Air Ticketing, Insurance, Airport Pickup, Forex

Admission to a coveted US university takes you only half way through your dream to study in USA. The remaining important half is to obtain a study visa for the US. Complexities and careless mistakes along with lack of sufficient knowledge about the US student visa formalities cause undesired delays and even refusal of a visa in some cases.

To be able to study in USA for Indian students, an F1 visa is issued to international students who are attending an academic program or English Language Program at a US college or university. F1 students are expected to complete their studies by the expiration date on their I-20 form (Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status) which is provided by the US College or university.

Embassy in India has implemented a visa processing system throughout India, providing all visa applicants with an efficient, transparent, and standardized application process which simplifies fee payment and appointment scheduling through a new website www.ustraveldocs.com/in

Where To Apply

US Visa is an Interview based visa, thus applicants have to apply to the US embassy for their interview


Step 1 – To obtain I-20 from University / College

Step 2 – To obtain SEVIS FEE Receipt

Step 3 – To Complete DS-160 Form

Step 4 – To Pay Visa Application Fees

Step 5 – Schedule Appointment

Step 6 – Attend Appointment Scheduled

Step 7 – Passport Collection if visa is granted

Universities Locations
Virginia Tech Language and Culture Institute (Only UG Pathways) Blacksburg, and Virginia
University of California (Graduate Business Programs and UCR Extension)  Riverside and California
Arizona State University Phoenix and Arizona
Drexel University (UG Gateways, College of Engg-MS only and IEP) Philadelphia and Pennsylvania
University of Delaware (Only UG) Newark and Delaware
George Mason University Fairfax County and Virginia
Colorado State University Fort Collins and Colorado
Duke University, Durham (Master of International Development Policy) North Carolina
Oregon State University Corvallis, Oregon
University of Illinois  Chicago, Illinois
Northeastern University -D`Amore-McKim School of Business, The College of Professional Studies (CPS) Boston, Massachusetts
University of South Florida Tampa, Florida
The University of Alabama Tuscaloosa  Alabama
Auburn University Alabama
University of Utah (Only UG) Salt Lake City, Utah
University of Cincinnati (Only UG – Pathway and Direct entry) Ohio
Ohio University (Master of Financial Economics; All UG Programs)  Athens, Ohio
University of South Carolina Columbia, South Carolina
University of the Pacific Stockton, California
University of Kansas (Only UG) Lawrence, Kansas
University of Vermont (UG, PG Pathway and Direct Entry) Burlington, Vermont
University of Tulsa (Only UG) Tulsa, Oklahoma
Baylor University (Only UG – Pathway and Direct entry Waco, Texas
Graduate School at UMBC, University of Maryland Baltimore County
University of Albany, The State University of New York Albany (SUNY Albany)
University of Dayton Dayton, Ohio
University of Colorado Denver, Colorado
State University of New York Geneseo (SUNY Geneseo)
SUNY Polytechnic Institute Utica, New York
The State University of New York New Paltz (SUNY New Paltz)
State University of New York (UG, PG Pathway and Direct Entry) Fredonia
State University of New York Plattsburgh (SUNY Plattsburgh)
State University of New York College Old Westbury, New York
Queens College of the City University of New York (Only UG pathway and Direct) New York
University of California (Masters of Laws (LL.M.); Division of Continuing Education) Irvine, California
University of California Berkeley Extension, California
American University Washington D.C.
Louisiana State University (Only UG) Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Washington State University Pullman, Washington
The University of Nebraska  (only UG) Lincoln, Nebraska
University of Alabama Birmingham
Saint Louis University St. Louis, Missouri
Missouri University of Science and Technology Rolla, Missouri
University of Massachusetts Lowell, Massachusetts
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences  (MCPHS University) Boston, Massachusetts
University of Massachusetts (UG, PG Pathway and Direct Entry) Boston, Massachusetts
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Suffolk University Boston, Massachusetts
University of New Hampshire (Direct Entry and UG/PG Pathway) Durham, New Hampshire
Adelphi University New York- Garden City and Manhattan Campus
University of Central Florida  (Only UG) Orlando, Florida
University of Idaho Moscow, Idaho
California State University East Bay
California State University Fresno
California State University Sacramento
California State University, College of Extended Learning San Bernardino
California State University Dominguez Hills
California State University Stanislaus
California State University Los Angeles
California State University Northridge
California State University Bakersfield
California State University Channel Islands
California State University Monterey Bay
San Francisco State University California
San Jose State University California
California State Polytechnic University (College of the Extended University) Pomona
Seattle Pacific University Seattle, Washington
California Baptist University Riverside, California
New Jersey Institute of Technology Newark, New Jersey
Florida Institute of Technology Melbourne, Florida
Pace University New York City
Drew University Madison, New Jersey
DePaul University (Direct Entry and UG/PG Pathway) Chicago, Illinois
University of Hartford (Direct Entry and UG/PG Pathway) West Hartford, Connecticut
Florida International University,  (All UG Programs) (PG Programs – Chapman Graduate School of Business and College of Engineering) Miami, Florida
Kent State University Kent, Ohio
Nebraska Wesleyan University  (Only UG) Lincoln
University of Mississippi Oxford, Mississippi
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Daytona Beach, Florida & Prescott, Arizona
Mississippi State University Oktibbeha County, Mississippi
University of New Mexico Albuquerque
Illinois State University Normal, Illinois
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Wisconsin
University of Nevada Reno
Cleveland State University Cleveland, Ohio
Indiana University of Pennsylvania Indiana, PA
Wright State University Dayton, Ohio
Wichita State University Wichita, Kansas
Northern Arizona University Flagstaff, Arizona
University of North Texas Denton, Texas
University of Missouri–St. Louis (UMSL) Missouri
The University of Memphis Memphis, Tennessee
Tennessee Tech University Cookeville, Tennessee
Texas State University San Marcos, Texas
Florida Polytechnic University Lakeland, Florida
Montana State University Bozeman, Montana
Gannon University Erie, Pennsylvania
The University of Scranton Scranton, Pennsylvania
Milwaukee School of Engineering Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Auburn University Montgomery, Alabama
Lynn University Boca Raton, Florida
Hofstra University  (UG, PG Pathway and Direct Entry) Long Island, New York
Mercer University Macon, Georgia
Kennesaw State University Kennesaw, Georgia
Long Island University Post, New York
Long Island University Brooklyn, New York
Glasgow Caledonian New York College New York
Midwestern State University Wichita Falls, Texas
Texas A & M University Corpus Christi, Texas
Western Kentucky University Bowling Green, Kentucky
Southeast Missouri State University Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Youngstown State University Youngstown, Ohio
Arkansas State University Jonesboro, Arkansas
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Illinois
Western Illinois University Macomb, Illinois
University of New Haven West Haven, Connecticut
Dakota State University Madison, South Dakota
Pittsburg State University Pittsburg, Kansas
University of Bridgeport Bridgeport, Connecticut
Murray State University Murray, Kentucky
Marshall University Huntington, West Virginia
Duquesne University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Quinnipiac University Hamden, Connecticut
NY Tech,  (NYIT) New York
University of Central Oklahoma Edmond, Oklahoma
Grand Valley State University Allendale, Michigan
Lawrence Technological University Southfield, Michigan
Saint Leo University St. Leo, Florida
Johnson and Wales University Providence, Rhode Island
Northwest Missouri State University Maryville, Missouri
Missouri State University Springfield, Missouri
California Lutheran University (School of Management) Thousand Oaks, California
Pacific Lutheran University,  (Direct Entry and UG/PG Pathway) Tacoma, Washington
Ashland University Ashland, Ohio
Weber State University Ogden, Utah
University of Tampa Florida
University of Nebraska  (Only UG) Kearney, Nebraska
Southern New Hampshire University Manchester, New Hampshire
National University San Diego, California
Troy University Troy, Alabama
Texas Wesleyan University Fort Worth, Texas
Dallas Baptist University Dallas, Texas
Jefferson University St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Western New England University Springfield, Massachusetts
Rivier University Nashua, New Hampshire
Northwood University Midland, Michigan
Rider University Lawrence Township, New Jersey
Atlantis University Miami, Florida
Valparaiso University Indiana
Saginaw Valley State University University Center, Michigan
Slippery Rock University Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania
Golden Gate University  (Only PG) San Francisco, California
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Wisconsin
University of Wisconsin–La Crosse Wisconsin
Charleston Southern University Charleston, South Carolina
University of Charleston Charleston, West Virginia
DeVry University Downers Grove, Illinois
James Madison University  (Only UG) Harrisonburg, Virginia
Tiffin University Tiffin, Ohio
Academy of Art University San Francisco, California
Full Sail University Winter Park, Florida
Cleary University Howell, Michigan
New York Film Academy New York City
Upper Iowa University Fayette, Iowa
Briar Cliff University Sioux city, Iowa
Oklahoma City University Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Webster University Missouri (St. Louis) Orlando (Florida), Irvine (California) campus
Park University Parkville, Missouri
The University of Findlay Findlay, Ohio
Hult International Business School Boston, San Francisco, New York campus
Simmons University (Only UG) Boston, Massachusetts
Schiller International University Largo, Florida
Concordia University Chicago River Forest, Illinois
University of Mary Hardin-Baylor Belton, Texas
Lipscomb University, (Only UG) Nashville, Tennessee
Western Washington University Bellingham, Washington
New England Institute of Technology Warwick, Rhode Island
Marist College Poughkeepsie, New York
Mississippi College Clinton, Mississippi
Monroe College Bronx, New York
New England College Henniker, New Hampshire
Berkeley College New Jersey & New York
Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD) Lakewood, Colorado
Canisius College Buffalo, New York
St. Thomas Aquinas College Sparkill, New York
Richard Bland College of William & Mary (UG Pathway only) Petersburg, Virginia
Fisher College Boston, Massachusetts
Green River College Auburn, Washington
Seattle Central Community College Seattle, Washington
San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley (Cañada College, College of San Mateo, & Skyline College) California
Santa Ana College California
California State University, (ELP Programs at UG/PG Level) Los Angeles
UMass Amherst (ECE MS 1+1 Programs)
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